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Rochdale, UK
Hilligndon Hospital

Hospital P.O.S. system hailed a success

A new high-tech electronic point-of-sale system developed by a Rochdale company has been described as 'an outstanding success' by managers and staff at Hillingdon Hospital in Middlesex. SVD Systems completed installation of the £6.2m system...

Rochdale’s Faringe Estate Clinches Daily Mail’s Coveted “Most Deprived Estate” Award 2016

There were jubilant scenes in Rochdale last night as tens of Faringe Estate residents gathered around makeshift bonfires and burning cars to celebrate picking up the prestigious "Shithole of the Year Award" from The...

Meet the UK’s First Islamic Lollipop Lady… And it’s not what you think

Meet veteran lollipop lady Gillian Duffy. Gillian has become an institution in Rochdale and one of the country’s most decorated and experienced lollipop ladies. For more than 30 years she has worked for the council escorting children across the road and now she has a new honour, she is the UK’s first Sharia Law compliant lollipop lady


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