Marge Riley, 74, was confronted by an angry mob of local residents who objected to her display of Yorkshire Teas.

“I just wanted to give my regulars something a little exotic, so I got some Tetley, Yorkshire Tea and some specialist ones from York and Harrogate that come in individual saches, so you can pretend you’re on a mid-week reasonably priced short break to Whitby, but they didn’t appreciate it.”

The mob, waving placards that read, ‘Lancashire Tea for Lancashire People’ and ‘Never forget the War of the Roses’ armed with pitchforks and flaming torches, threw red paint over the shop windows.

“I had the same trouble a few years back with Yorkie bars, I should have learned by that experience. I was told to stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine so reluctantly did that; they’ve been in the coal shed ever since.”