The Tiangong-1 Chinese space station that has been out of control since 2016 finally crashed down to Earth in the early hours of Monday morning on the British town of Burnley causing wide spread damage and devastation to an estimated value of almost £13.

Fortunately the population of 75,000 people were unharmed and to be honest haven’t noticed the difference. As very few can read newspapers they remain blissfully unaware of their lucky escape.

With rubble laying everywhere and buildings on the verge of collapse insurers are struggling to establish which buildings were hit by rubble.

A local councillor told us that they immediately set emergency plans into action by calling up local builders Paddy and Dave to give them an estimate to repair the damage but unfortunately they went to the wrong location 15 times thinking they’d found the impact site.

A hotline has been opened if you think you may of been affected by the crash, we say hotline it’s a carrier pigeon named Lucky Geoff.