Burnley Council has announced plans for town to be available in colour from 2022.

Just the Town Centre will be effected initially. The announcement was made in garbled English written on the back of a black pudding wrapper by Burnley Secretary for Culture, Media & Sport, Mrs Dannielle Brealey.

The new service is expected to cost the taxpayer between £10 and £20 per year, for an initial four hours per day, rising to 10 hours daily by 2019. The remainder of the borough will still be available in black and white for the time being.

“Parts of the football ground will continue to be hand-shaded in the summer months. A full, Town-wide colour service is still some way off with some residents particularly resistant to change. The Town did previously flirt with colour in the 1960’s but efforts evaporated after the closure of the last flat-cap mine near Garstang,” Mrs Brealey told The Rochdale Herald.

The Council will be responsible for overseeing the new colour service. Ms Brealey said the promised four hours of colour was based on what the Council could paint over weekends and did not include mobile sandwich vans.

Many people interviewed on the streets of Burnley were very excited about finding out what colour the town football team play in, and that up to this point they just thought it was Grey and Dark Grey.