Albion; pleasant, fair and green

In the year of our Lord, 2020

Dragons were few and seldom seen,

Yet poor folk were a plenty


Though dragons were vanquished many years prior

The people were still not free.

A newer terror stalked from shire to shire;

It’s acronym, UC.


Brave Sir Iain, a knight of Modern,

Did mount his trusty steed.

“I shall smite the sick, downtrodden

And them that are in need!


“Bring me your infirm and weak

Your homeless and your poor.

What’s that you say? They’re dead already?

Then we’ll just create some more!”


For Iain had been knighted

For his labours most fulfilling

But mostly in recognition of

His services to killing.


And so it was in Albion

The gallant knights that led it

Were not among the thousands killed

By Universal Credit.


The moral of this fable

Though obvious, I’m sure,

Is if you want to get ahead, or not be dead,

You’d better not be poor.