A Rochdale woman has miraculously found the secret to happiness by following the guidance of a male passerby who told her to ‘smile, love, it might never happen’.

Ellie McGregor, 28, said that by following this kind stranger’s advice, she suddenly felt her bad mood melt away.

‘I’d had a truly terrible day at work and was on my way home to cry and ring my mum, when out of nowhere a man on the street told me to smile’ she said.

‘In the past, I’ve ignored complete strangers who tell me to do things, but this time I tried it and I couldn’t believe what happened. I just smiled and all of my troubles disappeared’

‘His reassurance that it might never happen had never occurred to me before.’ she continued, ‘If he hadn’t told me in that moment, I might have never thought of it myself.’

Recent studies have focused on love, boyfriends and engagements as the keys to female happiness, but could it just take a man on the street to tell you to smile? Ellie thinks so.

‘I wish somebody had told me earlier to follow the advice of men on the street, as it completely fixed my awful mood!’

Amazingly, this simple piece of advice not only lifted Ellie’s spirits, but also improved the rest of her day.

According to Ellie, as she continued down the street smiling, she was lucky enough to be informed by other male strangers that she had a ‘beautiful smile’ and to ‘get her tits out’.

Ellie is now encouraging women everywhere to follow the instructions of male strangers.

‘Imagine how much all of our lives would improve by just doing what we’re told. Imagine what would happen if we did just get our tits out!’