An elderly leave voter has been telling the Herald about his childhood and it’s very similar to the Hovis advert.

Roy Bader, 72, who’s never been to Dorset or Yorkshire said, “When i were a lad I had a job as a delivery boy for a bakery. I’d have to get up early, before 5am and push my bike to the shop. We’d load the bike up and I’d go on my rounds.

“The last delivery was always to Old Ma Peggoty’s place. It was like delivering to the top of the world but it was a grand ride back. Baker would have the kettle on when I got back and a slice of bread. He’d tell me that it were wheatgerm in it and I’d soon be going up the hill as fast as down it.

“Great days. Not like today with your youngsters snapchatting their genitals to each other.”

Bader also went on to share a fond memory of his grandfather. “I remember I must have been 4 or 5. My Grandad came round. He sat me on his knee and popped his creamy treat into my mouth. It was a taste sensation. So sweet and creamy.
Now, when my own grandchildren come round I pop them on my knee and give them my creamy treat. They don’t seem to like it as much as I did. We were grateful for what we had.”

Bader also told us how his mother would sing as she hoovered up. He told us, “She’d shake the powder on the floor. Then she’d vacuum the floor whilst singing and dancing. Happy days.”

Mr Bader finished by telling us how he was a secret lemonade drinker as a youngster. He’d often sneak downstairs and drink lemonade when everyone was asleep.