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Rochdale, UK

Satirists quit after Kinnock uses up last of the UK’s irony

Hundreds of Satirists across Britain have quit and hundreds more have been placed on Zero Hours contracts when a Force 11 Irony Storm hit Britain and made them all irrelevant. The storm peaked when...

Is there something Stephen Crabb isn’t telling us?

In a dramatically uncharacteristic move Stephen Crabb, the former intern at  anti-equality fundamentalist Christian group CARE and employer of interns from the anti-equality fundamentalist Christian group CARE,  made a play for the leadership of...

New Tory Crabbs Clinic opens in Rochdale

Great news for Rochdale's Yorkshire Street just keeps rolling in. As well as being a wonderful area for shopping, entertainment and food, it's also becoming something of a local equivalent of London's Harley Street...


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