150-times winner of the 12-monthly Rochdale Herald annual ‘Best satirical news site, based in Rochdale’, the Rochdale Herald, has recently left readers puzzled.  

It is claimed that the Herald has taken to being serious and edgy instead of bringing laughs, as it has done since its online inception in 1867.

The Rochdale Herald is not just here for the nasty things in life, so here are some jokes.

  • The elephant in the room ate my homework.
  • The Daily Mail is cheaper than my regular brand of toilet paper.
  • Arlene Foster says ‘Oranges are the only fruit.’
  • Katie Hopkins walks into a bar, and everyone laughs.
  • Katie Hopkins admitted to hospital. Hospital admitted to laughing too.
  • Sodium chloride charged with assault.
  • Chuckling chap charged with manslaughter.
  • I’m a changed person, says baby with clean nappy.
  • Sleep is for loserzzzzzzzzzzz
  • I wish I hadn’t gone to Specsavers, says groom after removing beer goggles.
  • Five crows accused of murder.
  • I was accused of money laundering, but it all came out in the wash.
  • UK wakes up alone and naked in a phone box after 24 year stag party.
  • Man emptying septic tank found to be taking the piss.
  • A hard-boiled egg takes some beating.
  • I couldn’t give two hoots, says owl.
  • Python goes for a night out on the lash, comes home legless.
  • While researching the origins of ketchup, I discovered it’s sauce.
  • Took my car for a service, but they just prayed and sang hymns.
  • Violent fish supper accused of assault and vinegar.
  • Silence: they kept that quiet.
  • A bird brushed past me. I felt a bit of a tit.
  • I had a mug of coffee this morning, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Eye thang yewwwww!