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Ian Duncan Smith calls on snowflakes, losers and traitors to resolve virus problems

Ian Duncan-Smith, MP for Chingford and Minister of Nothing-in-Particular, was speaking on Radio 5 when he admitted there were problems involved with the government's...

Remote Scottish regions report shortages of wicker.

Reports are reaching us of shortages of some unexpected commodities in rural Scotland. This follows human slug, Rod Liddle's advice in Der Spectator that people...

Police concern as Derbyshire sees record levels of panic hiking

Police have appealed to members of the public to exert self restraint as hordes of bored walkers descended on Britain's highways and byways and...

British public excited by boxing match between two men they wouldn’t want to move...

British boxing fans spent much of the night anticipating and then watching a bout between black fighter Deontay Wilder and half-Irish gypsy Tyson Fury. Fight...

Greta Thunberg releases Scandinavian Death Metal album.

The music world has been surprised by the release of an album by Greta Thunberg and the Prophets of Doom, a new death metal...

Johnson replaces Cabinet with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Boris Johnson committed himself to leading Britain into 'a new chapter' yesterday. Downing Street sources revealed that the chapter referred to by the tousled...

Man considering buying his wife lingerie for Christmas almost certainly shouldn’t.

Research has found that the average bloke considering buying his wife lingerie this Christmas should probably not. "For a start, most blokes buy scarlet nylon...

Jo Swinson to present new series of ‘Great British Railway Journeys’

The BBC has announced that Jo Swinson will replace Michael Portillo as host of the show, in much the same way as a smug...

‘Child on hospital floor’ journalist joins the Rochdale Herald’s staff

The Rochdale Herald is proud to announce the appointment of surely-ex-by-now Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson to our staff. "Our quest for people who can spout...

Turkey escapes Christmas by identifying as a golden eagle.

A turkey on a Norfolk farm has been spared slaughter after claiming to identify as a majestic bird of prey. "Once I found a tin...

UK wakes up in shower and realises it was all a dream

Season 6 of the failing blockbuster drama Brexiting Bad has plumbed new depths of plotting. Following episodes where lead character Boris Johnson got angry and...

Brexiteers to die of cirrhosis 20% sooner thanks to Wetherspoons

Price cuts on just before date-expired cask ale and fizzy lager mean that Wetherspoons customers will be able to drink themselves to death more...

Doctors desperately hoping Rees Mogg falls ill

Following Jacob Rees-Mogg's bullying tirade on a doctor who dared challenge his smug assertions on talk radio, many people have challenged the pusillanimous human...

Unelected man demands unelected woman suspends elected parliament

As was inevitable, faced with the likelihood of action being taken through the mechanisms of the British sovereign parliament to avert a no-deal Brexit,...

Poldark overwhelming choice to lead Government of National Unity

Popular TV star, the dark, brooding and enigmatic Ross Poldark has emerged as the main contender to lead a Government of National Unity as...
Ann Widdecombe

Anne Widdecombe symbolically frees her slave

Following her first speech in the European Parliament, we have avoided the term 'maiden speech' as all her speeches are maiden, Anne Widdecombe has...

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