Popular broadcaster and adventurist Ben Fogle has been declared an endangered species on Twitter after sustaining numerous headshots from people ridiculing his idea for singing to the Queen.

The 46 year old, whose other good ideas have included swimming with crocodiles and rowing across the Atlantic, has suggested that the nation sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Queen on one of her birthdays.

“It would be a real surprise” toadied not-yet-Sir Ben “It’d be really special for her to have a lot of people sing a song celebrating her failure to die.  I bet that doesn’t happen every day!”

Twitter uses pointed out that the elderly icon in fact gets sung to just about every time she puts her head out of the door.

In an effort to mitigate the damage, Fogle is claiming it was the idea of his 9 year old daughter Iona (named after the place of her conception on top of John Smith’s grave).

He appeared with her for a 45 second clip as Iona posed looking uncomfortably like a ventriloquist’s doll while Ben attempted not to move his mouth. After explaining the Queen would be so pleased with the singing she’d probably have a gottle of geer, Iona ran off to join her older brother Ludo (named after the place of his conception during a passionate board games evening chez Fogle).

Twitter was not convinced ” I won’t believe it unless Ben drinks a glass of water.” said Jonno3760895.