Season 6 of the failing blockbuster drama Brexiting Bad has plumbed new depths of plotting.

Following episodes where lead character Boris Johnson got angry and turned into a massive green frog and the evil Dominic Cummings jumped over a shark on a motorcycle like Fonzie, incredulous viewers watched as the entire nation woke up in the shower and found it was all a dream. Looking through the shower door, the U.K. saw John Bercow and Lady Hyde smiling at them indulgently.

“It’s bollocks, but compelling bollocks” said regular viewer Jean Barnier. “I can’t wait for the series finale.”

Leaked footage suggests the series, which has been losing supporters since the second season, may end with an airliner crashing into the House of Commons killing everyone except the Speaker who, in the final scene, drops his casting vote to Revoke Article 50 on the smouldering corpse of Boris Johnson before walking off into the sunset.