Brexit Party candidate Graham Cushway has been forced to issue an apology after being spotted without a Remembrance Day poppy on his Luftwaffe uniform.

Mr Cushway aka Lord Pyre, bassist of the “Nazi vampire” themed band Stuka Squadron, insists he was wearing a poppy which became detached during an enthusiastic rendition of Horst Wessel Lied.

Brexit Party supporter Nick L Dragger said, “It’s disgusting that he can go out like that, representing our historic party, without any indication that he’s remembering our fallen heroes. We all know that poppies are prone to falling off, particularly when attached to a leather trench coat. That’s why I cover my entire body in them. It takes 4 hours every morning and a lot of pin wounds but it’s worth it to show how patriotic I am.”

Asked if he thought maybe it could be considered inappropriate to fetishise the Third Reich by performing in Nazi regalia, Mr Cushway responded, “Typical bloody snowflake. Dressing up as a far-right, ancient, soulless monster who preys on the blood of the young is perfectly fine in the Brexit Party. I mean, look at Anne Widdicome.”

Elsewhere, Prince Harry is rumoured to have asked Mr Cushway for the contact details of his taylor.