According to a recent poll, Leave voters up and down the country are excited at the prospect of leaving the EU posthumously.

Following continuous delays and an ever extending transition period, defiant Brexiters have taken matters into their own hands by dying of old age and rage induced aneurysms (commonly referred to as a Bercow Brain Burst.)

With dying becoming increasingly popular amongst Leave voters, many funeral directors now offer a Brexit themed funeral. The services replace more traditional hymns with war songs and football chants. Instead of the bible, readings are given from Nigel Farage’s Twitter account and the memorial culminates in committing the body of the deceased to an afterlife “outside the shackles of our EU dictators.”

Graham Maroid, an elderly Brexiter from Greater Luton, told the Herald, “I think it’s a great idea. I feel much better about dying knowing that I’m going to a better place; an eternity outside the EU superstate. A British afterlife for proper British people.”

In addition to funeral services, “RESPECT THE REFERENDUM” has become a popular choice for engraving on gravestones and urns.