Far right groups have pledged to tear down all statues of the Prophet Mohammed following the recent scoop in the Daily Express that the founder of Islam had owned slaves.

Angry person on the internet Thomas Robinson said “It’s a disgrace that they are tearing down tributes to true Brits what founded our great coastal cities like Liverpool, Bristol and Sheffield.

Yes, a lot of slaves died but back then slaves were like stuff and not people.  It was a bit like a greengrocer ordering a load of bananas but some went mouldy and had to be thrown out.

But the fact that Mohammed had slaves means we have an excuse to hunt down statues of him and tear them down.”

A spokesman for the Muslim Council said ‘You literally couldn’t make this shit up. Remember how we got all upset when someone did a cartoon of Mohammed because you aren’t allowed to make a representation of Big Mo? You genuinely think there are sodding statues? Jesus!!!”