Police have appealed to members of the public to exert self restraint as hordes of bored walkers descended on Britain’s highways and byways and quickly stripped secluded areas of walks.

The phenomenon has been dubbed “panic hiking”.

Constable Idris Draggon of Derbyshire Constabulary explained:

“It’s been like a siege here.  Demand swiftly outstripped supply with some irresponsible panic hikers taking up to half a dozen hikes at a time,” he told The Rochdale Herald.

“We are appealing to people’s better nature here and asking them not to over ramble.”

He ended with a plea, “We understand that people are worried that supplies of hikes may dry up but our advice is not to be selfish and, where possible spread out your hiking to less concentrated areas like Scunthorpe.”

“Please ramble responsibly.”