Local couple, Steve and Barbara Dickinson, plan to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary by pushing their single beds together and possibly even having sex.

Barbara explained to The Rochdale Herald, “we’ve been wondering how to celebrate for a while now, we thought we’d best do something different as it’s supposed to be a special occasion.

“Then last week, Steve had the idea of pushing our beds together for the night, not that easy as they’re in separate rooms, but he was adamant he could do it, so I thought why not?

“Don’t get me wrong, we still love each other, we kiss every morning before work, well, air kiss anyway, as I don’t want to smudge my makeup and his aftershave makes me sick, plus I’m quite annoying and he bores the crap out of me, so..

“Although in Steve’s defence, he did have the police called on him one night in the pub, but it turns out he’d just bored everyone to tears talking about model railways, kites or something, they thought he’d released tear gas, but once he started talking to the policeman, who’s eyes glazed over, they realised he was just a boring git and that was that.”

Asked about actually having sex it was Steve who replied, “we’re not sure yet, we haven’t seen each other naked since 2007, July I think, and we were both a bit drunk, obviously we’d have the lights off, it would also have to be a moonless night as the curtains don’t close properly in Barbara’s room, we can’t use mine because of the model railway, the beer cans and the funny smell.”

We asked if they would be going to a restaurant first, “Christ yes, we couldn’t do it sober, we’ll probably have a few bottles of wine, although Steve does snore, especially after drinking, so I’ll probably make him sleep on the couch anyway, I mean, there’s always our 25th anniversary, who knows, we might still be together for that!”