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Lord Byro is not a real Lord, it's debatable as to whether he is in fact human.

Santa Claus Denied Visa to Enter UK

The Herald has discovered that father Christmas has been denied a visa to enter the UK on Christmas Eve, amid fears he may decide...

Minister of Health and Social care to Employ Doctors From University of Life

Health Minster Stephen Barclay has told of his bold plan to plug the shortfall of doctors within the NHS by employing geniuses from the...

Man buying surprise ironing board for wife’s birthday asks what colour she wants –...

A Rochdale man has explained what happened when, on a whim, he decided to buy his wife an ironing board for her birthday and...

Vladimir Putin invites world leaders ’round to mine for drinks and nibbles’

Vladimir Putin has today appealed for calm amid the escalating tension between Russia and the rest of the world, and has invited all current...
Julian Assange

Julian Assange Loses Porn Privileges

Long term squatter julian Assange has lost his internet porn privileges at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he lives in a cupboard, The Rochdale Herald...

Couple to Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary by Pushing Beds Together

Local couple, Steve and Barbara Dickinson, plan to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary by pushing their single beds together and possibly even having sex. Barbara...

Husband Goes Shopping Buys Everything on List

A woman from Cleckheaton told The Rochdale Herald today how her husband went shopping, with a list, and returned an hour and a half...

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