A woman from Cleckheaton told The Rochdale Herald today how her husband went shopping, with a list, and returned an hour and a half later with everything on it.

Louise, 32, said “I’m still in shock, he actually bought every single item on the shopping list that I gave him, it’s sort of a dream really. I mean 2 weeks ago I sent him out to buy some milk and a loaf of bread, he came back 3 hours later, with a tin of carrots, cat litter and a lawnmower, which was a bit odd as we live on the third floor, and don’t have a cat, not to mention he hates carrots.”

Louise went on to tell of her initial scepticism when her husband offered to go, “He doesn’t really volunteer much, he once broke his own finger rather than wash up, but he did buy a dishwasher, and when I ask him to run the vacuum over he just sulks. Once, he went to the pub with his mate, came home 2 days later, wearing odd shoes, saying he’d been abducted by aliens or possibly Welshmen, he wasn’t too sure, but he did give me a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates so that was nice.”

Asked if she was considering getting her husband to do any more chores now he seemed to have turned over a new leaf, Louise replied, “Well, I’m going to play it by ear really, baby steps and all that, I might ask him to put the rubbish out tonight, rather than do it on his way to work.”

The Rochdale Herald sought a comment from Louise’s husband John, but he was unavailable due to taking the dog for a walk, without being asked, even remembering the poo bags apparently.

“It’s a fucking miracle!” exclaimed Louise.