President Donald Trump is understood to have ordered an investigation into whether or not the first moon landing ever happened on this day in 1969?

Trump is rumoured to have long considered the moon landings to be fake news.

Furthermore, July 21st has been decried annually by moon landing conspiracy scientists who are determined to expose the truth of potentially one of the greatest hoaxes in American history.

Taking to Twitter this morning Trump is reported to have declared,

“I have ordered Jared to solve the mysteries of the moon. Right now. This stops here. Obama didn’t have the guts to do this.”

Pressure has been building from the scientific community to finally get to the bottom of whether or not Neil Armstrong actually set foot on the moon? Because if he didn’t, you can be damn sure no other American did.

Trump is said to have continued his Twitter storm on the topic,

“Everybody on earth can see moon is always changing shape. Moon even vanishes monthly to another dimension. Big big chance moon landings were fake! Biggest hoax US HISTORY.”

An aircraft hanger and a camera crew in the desert is the more valid explanation for what actually happened on this day in 1969.

To solve the mystery the President is said to have signed an executive order authorising Jared Kushner to personally take a shovel and dig up Neil Armstrong. The body will be tested for moon dust residue to solve this mystery once and for all.

Trump is said to have finished,

“If anyone landed on moon probably Russians did! They have the best space fliers. We can learn a lot from Russia about space. They know space and masters of infinity and beyond. They know conspiracies to!!!”

The President plans to also put the rest speculation that the Earth is not flat. On that subject Trump asked a very pertinent question,

“If gravity actually exists how do you explain fridge magnets?”

The search for meaning continues.