Satirists have officially announced that satire is no more, it has been confirmed.

A spokesman on behalf of satirists, announced, “As of January 31st 2017, satire is dead.”

Satire has been called obsolete in the past, notably by Tom Lehrer when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. However, this time the statement is being made not by an individual, but en masse.

“Every time we think of something we could make up that would be too ridiculous even for him to do,” one representative of the Satirists’ Guild said, “Trump goes and does it before we can even suggest it as a joke. How do you satirise a man who is beyond satire?”

Another representative has a solution though. “If we made him a member officially, then he’d be satirising himself automatically – whether he knows it or not.”

Well, it’s worth considering. At least this way he’ll have something to fall back on if he does satirise himself out of office.