Eyewitness accounts given by proper British holidaymakers desperate to return to the UK reveal that queues for pedalos during the Dunkirk evacuation were shorter than the immigration queues currently being suffered at Benidorm immigration control.

In an act of unspeakable savagery that has been rightly condemned by the Daily Mail, and other objective observers, the EU seems to have decided to continue to punish the brave, democratic freedom fighters of Britain, even while they are on holiday.

The immigration controls are nothing to do with new security measures put into place in response to recent terror attacks.

Historian Dr Fillius Bank spoke to the Rochdale Herald to bring perspective to the shocking scenes at European airports.

“It’s worse than the pedalo queues during the Dunkirk evacuation.” He stated. “I’ve looked at the black and white photos of that watershed moment in British history on the beach in France during WW2 and what’s happening now is worse.

Have you seen the footage? It’s appalling. So many British families experiencing what they voted to subject Europeans to after Brexit, but only we’re getting it in the neck now for a different reason.”

It’s expected that Boris Johnson will shortly address the nation and request that anyone who possesses a pedalo takes to the English Channel and pedals their way across to France and offer to ferry back home whatever cheap booze and packets of fags British holidaymakers may have purchased to bring home.

“You think about the boys on the beaches in 1940? Did they have to suffer snaking queues of a few hours long in a soulless European airport in order to avoid being blown up? No they didn’t. This is worse. Personally I’m terrified. I’ve booked a trip to Ibiza later in the month. I’m not sure now if I’ll even be able to face the queue to get my flight home.”