Average household savings wiped out by demonetisation of old pound coins under sofa cushions

The Office for National Savings released alarming figures this morning suggesting that average household savings in the United Kingdom had been all but wiped out by demonetising the old pound coins. The new, thirteen sided...
Theresa May

Strong economy responsible for Sun coming up and tides says Theresa May

All things bright and beautiful are thanks to a strong economy, says Theresa May. When asked why flowers are so lovely, she said this was down to a strong economy brought to us by a...
Man counting money

The Man Who Broke The Bank Of England Backs Corbyn

George Soros, the Hungarian-American Billionaire who famously broke the Bank of England on Black Wednesday in 1992, is said to be close to throwing his financial support behind Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. ...

If the dead weren’t so unproductive the economy would be booming, says Phillip Hammond

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has blamed sluggish economic growth figures on the dead. "Our research over the last two quarters has proved conclusively that the dead are having no positive impact on productivity growth and it...

Legalising cannabis will raise around £1Bn in Doritos sales

A leading think tank of financial experts claim that the legalisation of Cannabis for recreational use in the UK could generate an estimated £1Bn in the sale of Doritos alone and could have a...
Girls Don't Like Boys

Institute for Fiscal Studies claims girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money

Economists at The Institute for Fiscal Studies sensationally claimed yesterday that girls don't like boys but they do like cars and money. The report said that provided men are "educated, with money, well-dressed, not funny,...

Corbyn delighted to hear of Monarch’s collapse

Jeremy Corbyn gleefully whistled whilst spreading marmalade across his toast this morning, as a result of Monarch airline going bust, according to his neighbour. Burt Monroe, long time neighbour of the staunch republican and PM...

Austerity was just for giggles Government confirms

The Conservative government has confirmed today that austerity is over and it was just for giggles anyway. The end to penny pinching has absolutely nothing to do with Labour taking a swag of seats at...

Tax efficient billionaires back plans to close tax loopholes for window washers and cleaners

The Taylor Review into modern working practices this week revealed an alarming tax loophole that is robbing the honest British taxpayer of billions in revenue each and every year. The loophole is not apparently the...

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will Nationalise RyanAir

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has layed out plans to take RyanAir into public ownership alongside the railways and the Royal Mail in a radical manifesto that promises to solve every problem instantly. A draft...

SHOCK as imaginary money not worth the paper it isn’t written on

Completely imaginary money continues to give investors an interesting ride after its value of approximately whatever we pretend it is fell by a third.
Mark Carney

Something that hasn’t happened might or might not make something bad happen, clarifies Bank...

Something that might or might not happen could or could not send the pound plunging or not plunging and trigger, or maybe even not trigger a worse recession than the financial crisis, or possibly...

Fears for Rochdale black pudding supply as Bury announces plans to exit Lancashire free...

Rochdale residents with a taste for black pudding were left fearing for the future as Bury announced plans to leave the Lancashire Economic Community. The LEC, which allows for free trade between all...

Government launch ‘Kids for Britain’ scheme to encourage teenage pregnancy to replace migrant workers...

The Home Office is to launch an eye popping new initiative designed to compensate for the expected loss of Eastern European field workers as a result of Brexit. The scheme titled “Kids for Britain” will...

Ian Duncan Smith calls on snowflakes, losers and traitors to resolve virus problems

Ian Duncan-Smith, MP for Chingford and Minister of Nothing-in-Particular, was speaking on Radio 5 when he admitted there were problems involved with the government's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic that will require the help...

ISAs claim responsibility for tax avoidance

ISAs have today claimed responsibility for millions of pounds of lost UK tax revenue A Scottish widow looks moodily into the camera like she wants you to help her plan for a prudent future, her...

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