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Entrenching Tool

Digging f#*#*#g foxholes is new black in today’s British Army

The humble British Army entrenching tool, a short, squat, folding standard NATO issued 3-way shovel, pick and close combat weapon, has surged in popularity amongst...

Hospitals to open thousands of ‘transition wards’ to end winter crisis

Health - Health Secretary James Hunt today told The Rochdale Herald that a "space restructurement"  at hospitals across the country would put paid to...
Border Collie Sunglasses

Essex dog fears for future after hands-on meeting with Prime Minister

Essex - A black and white border collie from Sonning, Essex was reported to be safe in protective custody after being accosted by the...
Angry Man Christmas

Man adamant he wanted nowt for Christmas now angry and petulant he got what...

An angry Rochdale man who swore to friends and relatives he wanted nothing except "maybe a skip" for all the stuff he already owns...

Sex slurs cooking at Great British Bake-off

Channel four’s blue-eyed baker boy Paul Hollywood is reportedly reviewing his role on the hugely popular Great British Bake-Off because of the ever-widening scourge...
Man counting money

The Man Who Broke The Bank Of England Backs Corbyn

George Soros, the Hungarian-American Billionaire who famously broke the Bank of England on Black Wednesday in 1992, is said to be close to throwing...
Millwall Fans

Millwall football fans hail Supreme Court with bricks and bottles after Blair no criminal...

Buoyed by the Supreme Court's ruling that there was no law of criminal aggression with which to prosecute Tony Blair, Millwall Football Club supporters...

Labour only six racial slurs from power spin doctors tell agitators

Following the suspension of the MP for Devon Anne Marie Morris from the Conservative Party for her "n@£$er in the woodpile" gaffe at London's...
Horse Racing

Rochdale tipster to tax the Bookies

Horse racing journalists, tipsters, jockeys and even some dodgy-looking trainers are queuing up to apply for the Rochdale council's new Chief Executive of Betting...
Theresa May Converse

Top Tories Converse to win yoof vote

Prime Minister Theresa May today ditched her kitten heels and turned out to the Commons wearing a pair of Chuck Taylor black and white...

Corbyn says it’s the pits for May

Bouyed by his Saturday Durham Miner's Gala deification in front of the last 200,000 or so flat-cap wearing left-wing supporters in the country, Jeremy...
Ivanka and Donald Trump

Ivanka says: I Could Be The Pretty President After G20 Power Play

Speculation is rife in Washington D.C. that Ivanka Trump is pondering throwing her hat in the ring for the 2020 Presidential election circus.    After...
Champs Elysees

France announces plans for affordable coffee on the Champs-Elysees by 2049

Following his plans to make France carbon-neutral by banning all petrol and diesel by the middle of the century, Newly-elected French President Macron has...
Hot dog

G20 Crisis as Trump eats hot dogs in Hamburg.

President Donald Trump caused outrage in Hamburg, Germany today, eating hot dogs and apple pie and drinking root beer all flown in with him...

Overmortgaged Soft Southern Twats to buy entire North of England during next house price...

Public officials in the North of England are conducting secret emergency planning meetings in preparation for one of the largest migrations of people in...

US celebrates Independence Day by ceding from Trump

Secret delegations from the 50 states of the United States of America have agreed a plan to avoid the impeachment of Donald Trump as...

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