President Donald Trump caused outrage in Hamburg, Germany today, eating hot dogs and apple pie and drinking root beer all flown in with him on Airforce One.   

President Trump is in Germany to attend the G20 summit Friday and Saturday this week.

“The Germans are bad, really bad, and their food is wurst,” said Trump, according to Spiegel magazine.

“I’ve brought my all-American food with me because my advisors said the German’s was the wurst. You wont see this President tucking into bratwurst and apple strudel instead of hot dogs and apple pie,” he is reported to have said.

“God only knows what they might put into their sausages over here,” he claimed, to the chagrin of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

“It is bad enuff he does not belief in zee climate change, but to insult the integrity of ze German sausage is a step to far,” said Mrs Merkel.

“I haf been to America you know, and I know they put hoofs and tails and parsons noses, all ground up, into their so-called all-American sausages,” said the angry German chancellor.

“Also, God knows only what ze Americans import from Mexico under their free trade agreement to put into their sausages,” she fumed.

Ms Merkel said she was already angry that Trump had pledged to put a stop to the millions of German cars sold in the United States.

She told The Rochdale Herald that, before today, she thought she could “Do a deal” with the orange-faced President.

“But that was before he dissed our sausages. If it’s a sausage war he wants he can have it.  This is one war we can win.”