Health – Health Secretary James Hunt today told The Rochdale Herald that a “space restructurement”  at hospitals across the country would put paid to the winter admissions crisis in the nations hospitals.

He said his Creatively Thinking Department would end the scandal of patients left waiting endlessly in hospital corridors and without great additional cost to the NHS.

Quite simply, the health secretary said, “we will rename the corridors ‘Transition Wards.’       Patients will no longer have to wait in corridors,” he said, “they will be admitted straight into the Transition Wards, so there will be no need for all the news media hysteria about patients on trolleys in corridors… because there will be no corridors.”

“It’s such a simple concept, I don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of it sooner,” he said.

Instantaneously, all hospitals will see their waiting times decrease rapidly as everyone will be able to see that patients are being seen immediately in the transition wards, Mr Hunt said.

He said the NHS didn’t need billions more pounds poured into its budget, it just needed more blue sky thinking and reform.