Buoyed by the Supreme Court’s ruling that there was no law of criminal aggression with which to prosecute Tony Blair, Millwall Football Club supporters and thugs rampaged near the high court in London today.

“Bliar, Bliar, set the high court on fire,” bellowed hundreds of pot-bellied bare-chested thugs as they threw empty beer bottles at the lethargic riot police.

“Yes, they are being a bit loud and aggressive,but there’s no law against being aggressive is there,? Said Captain Imna Prick of the Metropolitan police riot unit.

“The Supreme Court said so just yesterday,” she added.

“It’s not like they are going to bomb the shit out of the place and reduce the country to chaos for decades to come,” said Captain Prick as she sipped a cup of tea.

She said it wouldn’t be fair to arrest and prosecute the hoi poloi for being aggressive when the toffs were free to do as they pleased, even when they used tanks and bombs while being aggressive.

“Millwall, Millwall, we and Blair we like to fight,” rang out through the streets near the high courts, as bemused Chinese and American tourists ran for cover.

Around the country law practices were being overwhelmed with telephone calls from football fans convicted for various acts of aggression, all hoping to have their convictions quashed.

Lord Al Getuoff, a criminal defense barrister from Central London, told The Rochdale Herald he expected to be filing loads of appeals in the next few weeks and months.

“If you can’t be prosecuted for sending the paras in to blow the whole fucking place to hell and back, how can someone be convicted for aggressively punching a horse in the face. It’s simply not fair,” said the Lord.