Prime Minister Theresa May today ditched her kitten heels and turned out to the Commons wearing a pair of Chuck Taylor black and white luxury Converse high-top basketball shoes and a New York Yankees baseball cap askew on her coiffured head. 

“We get it, We get it ,”she was heard to say again and again.

Behind her on the front benches sat the Prime Minister’ tieless Tory cabinet similarly attired.

“Right on,right on right on, shouted environment secretary Mikey Gove while foreign secretary Boris Johnson dribbled and bounced a basketball. No one was quite sure wether he was saying hoops,hoops,hoops or oops,oops,oops.

Mrs. May said the yoof have spoken and the Tories have heard their voices.

“We want to win your hearts and minds, not just your votes and to that end, the strong stable door has opened and austerity has bolted,” she said.

“We gonna give you some of the shit you want to make you happy, happy, happy,” rapped Phil “the chancellor man” Hammond.

Looking somewhat forlorn, only Jacob Rees-Mogg, wearing a tweed yankees cap and matching tweed high-tops, seemed detached from the youthful mood.

“As much as I like having youngsters about, I am afraid Brexit still means Brexit,” said the father of six.