Speculation is rife in Washington D.C. that Ivanka Trump is pondering throwing her hat in the ring for the 2020 Presidential election circus.   

After taking President Daddy Trump’s seat at the top table during last weeks G20summit of world leaders, Ivanka told The Rochdale Herald she liked running with the big dogs.

“There I was sitting at the table with all these people who are running the world and I thought I am the prettiest one here. I could be the pretty President,”said Ivanka. “And I’ve run a fashion company. How much harder could it be to run a country or the whole world for that matter,”she said.

Ivanka said it has taken her father more than 70 years to reach the top table of international leaders and she did it by the time she was 35.

“Maybe that proves that I am twice as smart as him, said the blonde former fashion model.

She also said that maybe her daddy would be too old to be President next time around.      She said she was not overawed to be sitting amongst some of the most powerful people in the world.

“I mean, look at that German woman. Where did she learn to dress for a power presentation, yuck. And the French guy with his mother holding his hand,” she said.      She said her daddy always gives her what she wants so it should not be a problem for him to step aside in 2020.

“I am sure he would be happy for me to be PPOTUS…Pretty President of the United States.”