Channel four’s blue-eyed baker boy Paul Hollywood is reportedly reviewing his role on the hugely popular Great British Bake-Off because of the ever-widening scourge of sex allegations aimed at public figures, The Rochdale Herald has learned.       

More than 7 million viewers were reported to have watched the final of the Channel 4 contest Tuesday night won by former army officer Sophie Faldo,34.       

“That’s a lot of witnesses to tell a judge that they definitely heard you tell a contestant that he or she has really nice buns,” Hollywood told The Rochdale Herald.       

“Never mind talking about their firmness and shape and the way they feel…it’s a minefield inside that hot, steamy tent,” he reportedly said.     

Mr. Hollywood was also said to be concerned that his comments about hot little tarts could be seriously misconstrued by the viewing public and the contestants.     

Frightened by the possibility of losing their handsome host, producers of the highly successful show are reportedly examining changes to the show’s format. Ima Donut, one of the program’s format directors, told The Rochdale Herald that small changes to the show would be made.   

“It is of primary importance that we protect the reputations of our judges and contestants from sexual innuendo or allegations of sexual abuse,” said Ms Donut. “To that end, there will definitely be no baking of bread with all its kneading and rolling and rising; and no more talk of hot,nicely shaped firm buns,” she said.   

“And definitely on the Great British Bake-Off you will not see or hear anything more of Cherry Tarts.”