Scandal hits the UK economy once again as the new £1 coin (GBP) is accused of fashion plagiarism by the Continental Euro (EUR).

Speaking via Text relay phone service to Donna Bellievitti, the €1 coin had the following to say.

“Ere on le continente, we ‘ave been rocking ze bi-metallic look for many years, a few extra corners, does not a fresh look make” said the currently circulating continental coin.

“To quit ze Eurobloc, and steal my look at ze same time is not cricket or boules” claims the coin.

“Ze audacity of claiming to be ze ‘ardest to copy is astounding – considering zey copied my style wizout permission or credit”.

“I also cannot understand why ze Australian polymer Dollar az not complained about ze new fiver or ten pound note before zis.”

The accusation of monetary mimicking also comes from the Brazilian note-the Real (BRL), who claims that devaluing at an alarming rate is treading on its territorial toes. Meanwhile the Zambian Kwacha (ZMK) attempts to copy the Russian Rouble’s (RUB) style by also heavily outperforming the perplexed Pound Sterling.

The Royal Mint responded with the following statement “Accusations of stylistic stealing are completely unfounded, as you only need to read the headlines to see that we have patented the pound by producing it in a piss poor fashion.

This will also offset the devaluation aspect as certain coins with major stamping errors are worth 300 times more than a normal one, boosting GDP in times of economic slumping…..Strangely coins with the Queen’s face missing seem to be the most popular for some reason at the moment, not sure why…”