Donald Trump

Trump says he believes Melania’s explanation that she didn’t only marry him for his...

Donald Trump has said that he believes that Melania Trump married him for his rugged good looks, sublime conversation and attentive tenderness as a lover. POTATUS was speaking after holding one to one talks with...

North Korean media reports North Korea has won the World Cup

North Korea has won the World Cup despite not qualifying for the tournament. At least that's what the north Korean media has said today. North Korean journalist, Ban-Kim Han-Kim said, "We bring you news of...
Donald Trump female

Mayor of New Orleans accidentally summons Donald Trump after saying ‘Hurricane’ five times

Mitch Landrieu, the Mayor of New Orleans has told has told us that he inadvertently summoned Donald Trump to New Orleans. The Mayor said, "I was going through a few things in my head whilst...
Donald Genius Trump

Fat bottomed ape learns to mimic human sounds

Washington DC - A seventy year primitive primate that can mimic human words such as hello, bigly, braggadocios, and covfefe is thought to be the first of its kind to be elected to the...

Irishman confused by difference between abortions and prosecuting women

An Irish fella is presently proving himself more full of gas than a tinker's hound by spouting no end of shite on the twitters. Pat "the Twat" Wexford has set himself up several different...
Sea Creature

Mysterious fanged sea creature that washed up on Texas beach identified as Steve Bannon

The large fanged, faceless sea creature that washed up on a southeastern Texas beach following Hurricane Harvey has finally been identified. The identity of the sea creature has been the subject of much debate after...
Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-Un to get star makeover.

In a bid to reclaim his slipping crown of clown demagogue, South Korean leader Kim Jong Un is to appear in his new celebrity makeover show "Pimp my Mullet". The recent election win of Donald...

White House CCTV confirms Obama listening to Trump in Oval Office

Secret Service agents are reviewing White House CCTV footage this morning which Donald Trump believes show Obama inside the White House. The footage, captured in a storage room adjoining the Oval Office, appears to show...

Turkish voters refuse to believe Erdogan a dictator till they see it written on...

Turkish voters across the country are still refusing to believe that Erdogan is an autocratic dictator despite the fact that he's locked up all the opposition journalists. "We need to see it on a big...
Donald Trump DNA

Donald Trump: DNA test finds ‘strong evidence’ of human DNA

US President Donald Trump has revealed that a DNA test shows "strong evidence" that he is distantly related to human beings. He took the test after the Native American Democat Senator Elizabeth Warren taunted him...
Donald Trump

White House desperately concealing news of Twitter character increase from Trump

The twittersphere is in overdrive this morning with millions of users tweeting out their hope that the White House is able to conceal the news of the doubling of the character limit from President...

NRA claims that fewer elephants would be shot by hunters if more of them...

The National Rifle Association has today put out a statement claiming that fewer African elephants would fall victim to big game hunters if they were allowed to carry guns.  The statement was released in the...

President Trump outlaws Donald Trump in white supremacists condemnation order

American race relations looked to be on the upturn today after President Donald Trump responded to the calls from Congress to condemn white supremacists by listing loudmouth race hate rabble rouser Donald Trump in...
Rex Tillerson

Moron who called moron a moron fired by moron

In a completely expected turn of events, a moron has fired the moron who called him a moron and replaced him with, presumably, another moron. The former Oil executive who was the entire US State...

Che Guevara’s beret gift from Corbyn confirms Che Guevara’s Dad John McDonnell

John McDonnell has taken to social media today to confirm rumours that Che Guevara's trademark beret was a gift from Jeremy Corbyn.

President Trump In Deep Water Over Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump has found himself in the middle of a storm of controversy recently following his comments about Puerto Rico. At a press conference attended by The Rochdale Herald, President Trump repeatedly slated...

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