Mary forced to give birth on stable floor after health insurance refuses to cover...

A woman that claims she's about to give birth to the son of God has told the Herald, about how she is being forced to give birth on a stable floor. Mary told us, "I...

Historians will look back at 2016 as a major catalyst. They won’t remember celebrity...

Whilst you were all distracted with American politics and the ins and outs of Article 50 being triggered, the government has passed the controversial snoopers charter into law, now called The Investigatory Powers Act. Edward...

Rock Scaramucci crawled out from under refuses to take him back

Having been unceremoniously sacked as President Trump's director of communications after only ten days and divorced by his wife, Anthony Scaramucci has now suffered the ignominy of being rejected by the rock he crawled...

All Homosexuals should be stoned, says Mike Pence

Vice President of the US, Mike Pence, has finally come out - with a statement that may shock many Republicans. President Trump joked a year ago, when referring to his deputy's stance on homosexuality, that...

National holiday declared as USA goes 6 days without mass shooting

This is the closest to a full week that the US has gone without a mass shooting since 'The Great Week of Peace' in 1896. Although there have been 14,678 individual shootings and 32,789 multiple...

Hilary Clinton’s emails confirm she would have already nuked North Korea

Further extracts reveal she had plans to construct “Wall Street on the Korean Peninsula” once the “dust and stuff has settled.”
Trump Family KKK Photograph

Donald Trump tells world press there were good people at White Supremacist Rally

Donald Trump told a press conference that there were good people amongst the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis at the Charlottesville Unite the Right protest over the weekend. "My mother and father were amongst the protestors...

UKIP leader calls for Theresa May to resign

UKIP's leader, Vladimir Putin has called on Theresa May to call a General Election to ensure a Government is elected that will push Brexit through. The President of the United States took time out from...

Potential asylum seekers now to be meme tested

Following public outcry, The Home Office have announced new measures to establish the age of refugees.  Many Brits are shocked that someone who has had their home blown to smithereens might be so desperate as...

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