Donald Trump has announced the launch of a new science course that will be taught at Trump University from September.

The course will feature subject matter not covered in more traditional science courses and will be aimed at anyone wanting to establish the true alternative facts of the world that have been covered up by the NWO.

The central part of the course will cover how global warming is a Chinese conspiracy.

The course will present evidence demonstrating how the Chinese have been manipulating data for over 100 years in an effort to destroy America.

It will show how NASA, Roscosmos, every leading global university, vast numbers of scientists and academics are all paid shills of the Chinese and that global warming is only happening because of coal fired power stations in China. It will be taught by Scott Pruitt head of the EPA. Teaching materials will be provided by Exxon.

The course will also include classes in areas such as, how energy saving light bulbs cause cancer. This course will include how the lack of an increase in people being admitted to hospital with cancers demonstrates an elaborate cover up by the NWO as they try to very slowly depopulate the world for some unclear goal.

There will also be a course on how asbestos should be brought back as it’s such a good fire retardent and in no way is dangerous to human health.

The final semester will see Alex Jones teaching students how jet fuel can’t melt steel but how chem trails can. A spokesman for Mr Jones told the Herald “This isn’t really going to be scientific. It’ll be more a piece of performance art.”

Dr Frederick Seddon of Rochdale college told the Herald, “Finally a course where you can teach the true alternative facts. I’m hoping to get a job there. I’ve been on the same pay band for 8 years due to NWO cut backs. It’s all linked to how vaccines cause autism you know. They’re losing money since that was exposed.”