Hardcore fans of uncompromising musician Polly Jean (PJ) Harvey have reacted angrily to their musical idol expressing admiration for Prime Minister Theresa Mary May’s taste in footwear.

The cult singer/ guitarist was reported to have said “Theresa had on this awesome pair of leopard skin, kitten heels.  She really rocked them.”

Distraught uber-fan Lizzie Lanegan wailed “I can’t listen to Peej’s albums any more, knowing she approves of that fascist bitch. I can’t believe I trusted my emotional well being to her. I’ve been a fan since the moment she became the first person, not even the first WOMAN, to win the Mercury Music Prize twice. I mean, I know Oasis said ‘Don’t put your life in the hands of a rock n roll band’, but I thought I was going to be safe with PJ.

Shit, I shouldn’t have mentioned Oasis.”

We asked PJ Harvey for comment and she said “Oh, and TM’s also got a killer pair of burgundy patent leather stilettos. Serious shit.”

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