Gun old lady

Why does this keep happening, ask imbeciles who keep selling guns to people who...

Fuckwits in America who keep blocking gun control reform have been forced to once again ask the question "why do mass shootings happen over and over again?" At least seventeen children have been shot whilst...
White House

Reality TV to blame for increase in number of f*cknuggets being elected president, say...

Reality TV is to blame for the number of imbeciles and ding-a-lings who are being elected president of the United States, video games have suggested today. "We must stop the glorification of being an...
Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley confirmed as world’s second biggest wanker

Rhino horn collector and jig enthusiast Michael Flatley confirmed today that he is the World's second biggest wanker after announcing he will perform a jig at Trump's Inauguration Ball.

David Duke retracts Trump endorsement saying no room for “locker room banter” in politics

In sensational news today David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan, has withdrawn his support for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

America To Be Renamed Trumptopia

Donald Trump has announced a new step in his plan to make America great again - he's renaming it after himself. In a press conference, he told the assembled reporters, "look, America Ves-whatshisname did a...

Crooked Hilary Exposed Again

In the wake of the ongoing email scandal, an intrepid Rochdale Herald researcher, Douglas, has uncovered a series of other scandals that the press refuse to pin on crooked Democratic presidential candidate Hilary...
Leopard print shoes

Hard Core Fans Dismayed as PJ Harvey Admires Theresa May’s Shoes

Hardcore fans of uncompromising musician Polly Jean (PJ) Harvey have reacted angrily to their musical idol expressing admiration for Prime Minister Theresa Mary May's taste in footwear. The cult singer/ guitarist was reported to have...

All guns to be armed with guns

In the wake of the latest mass shooting of innocent people to take place on U.S. soil, the National Rifle Association has issued a warning that the only way to prevent further tragedy is...

Nuttall Claims Best Actor At Oscars

Armenian born British Actor Constantine Felangi, better known by his stage name of Paul Nuttall, seized the coveted golden statue for Best Actor at the Oscars last night. The award, given for Nuttall's provocative portrayal...
Trump furious to learn Farage isn't 'King of England'

Trump furious to learn Farage isn’t ‘King of England’

President-elect, Donald Trump, learned that Nigel Farage is not the King of England and that the monarch is in fact a female, on an interview with FOX news earlier today A visibly shaken Mr. Trump...

I don’t care what UK Ambassador thinks of me, says dickhead who won’t shut...

A giant man dayglo baby who won't stop whining about somebody who said some mean things about him has declared on Twitter that he doesn't care what people think of him.

Mugabe is a Hologram

The Herald was startled today upon  learning that Zimbabwean President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is nothing more than an elaborate attempt to convince people that he still exists. Mugabe, who is reported to have died several...

Gun reform fever sweeps America after social media backing for ELC mandatory insurance bill

After millions of tweets by gun lobbyists, alt righters and other winners at life, Congress has responded with draft gun reform proposals. Some of the wokest anime avatared fuckheads have been banging the...
Quantum Leap

Dr Samuel Beckett stuck in 2016 after failing to ‘put right what once went...

In the mid 1990's Physicist Dr Samuel Beckett blazed a trail by stepping into his Quantum Leap accelerator and vanishing. In actual fact he woke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that...
Donald Genius Trump

Fat bottomed ape learns to mimic human sounds

Washington DC - A seventy year primitive primate that can mimic human words such as hello, bigly, braggadocios, and covfefe is thought to be the first of its kind to be elected to the...
Julian Assange

Julian Assange wins FSB employee of the month

Julian Assange has explained that he is happy to be awarded FSB's employee of the month for July award. The Russian secret service organisation said in a statement, "Wikileaks and Mr Assange have been most...

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