Having Dodgy dealings with corrupt foreign dictators is only a bad thing when it is done by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Fox News announced today.

In their official statement, Fox News stated categorically that it is perfectly fine for POTUS to engage in dodgy dealings with foreign rulers of questionable ethics, but when his enemies at home do it, then it is really bad and wrong and must be punished.

“If President Trump wants to cosy up to Vladim – uh, Vladi – uh, Putin,” said official spokesperson Stan Dodds-Varey, “then that’s absolutely fine, he is perfectly within his right to do so, he’s the president and can do whatever the hell he likes.”

He went on to add:

“If, however, a Democrat like Hillary wants to talk to someone from another country, that’s bad. She’s an enemy of our glorious leader and and of these United States and if he says it’s wrong for her to talk to someone from another country, then she shouldn’t do it, and she must be punished if she does, to set an example to others.”

Mr Dodds-Varey’s comments were disturbing to say the least, especially in the wake of the president’s allies being charged with conspiracy with foreign powers. When asked about Paul Manafort, Mr Dodds-Varey replied, “We are unable to comment on that issue at this time.”

When asked why, he explained, “we do not yet know if the president is supporting or dismissing him.”

A very revealing comment indeed and in the current climate, all too believable.

Still, as Trump’s associates keep falling one by one, and Fox’s glacier mint of who to defend gets smaller, we await with baited breath the day political climate change leaves them sunk.