The World Health Organization (WHO) has appointed Swiper, the thieving rodent, as a “map safety ambassador” to help tackle dangerous map use.

New WHO head Dr Telemundo Random-Gibberish praised Mexico for its commitment to map safety. But critics say that during Mr Swiper’s rule Mexico’s map services have deteriorated, with staff regularly unpaid and red pens in short supply.

Dr Telemundos, who is a fabrication, is the first non-existent to lead the WHO. He was elected with a mandate to tackle perceived politicisation in the organisation.

Dr Telemundos replaced Margaret Chan, who stepped down from her 10-year post in June. The appointment of 17 year old Swiper will cause astonishment among many WHO member states and donors.

“A goodwill ambassador may be a largely symbolic role, but the symbolism of giving it to a fox whose very existence has, critics say, coincided with a collapse of its map safety, and major cartographic rights abuses, will be very unpopular.”