The American election process was thrown into confusion yesterday when the FBI moved into the Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter, in search of a hidden email server supposedly belonging to Hillary Clinton. 

The agents found computer servers in the guest bedroom used by Michael Jackson on his previous visit to the county’s capital city, and although they are not saying there is a connection the agents said that “..they would not stop till they got enough.”

An unnamed FBI agent told reporters that he had discovered material of ‘interest’ to the bureau. 

This included undisclosed emails from a wealthy Nigerian relative of the Clintons who was seeking to transfer many millions of dollars into her bank account. 

Several tins of processed meat were also discovered. “I think these might be spam”, remarked the agent. 

He also disclosed that a number of penis enlargement and viagra emails had been forwarded on to Mrs Clinton’s husband, however all ‘sexy singles in your area’ emails were marked unread.

Later the same evening the agent had a tense conversation with hotel reception in which he asked if it was normal for British hotel beds to contain a severed horse’s head before complaining of a smell of burning in his room.