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Australia’s Immigration Minister calls for tougher toughness

Peter Dutton, Australia’s Immigration Minister, launched a scathing attack on Australia’s business leaders following their public support for the legalisation of gay marriage. Heads of...

President Trump launches Ivanka’s exclusive Hello Pussy lingerie line during talks with Japanese Prime...

Reading aloud small words from a Steve Bannon script, President Trump welcomed Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, to the famous White House.  After he...

RH Exclusive: Excerpt from phone call between Turnbull and Trump

Here at the Rochdale Herald, we’ve managed to get a world exclusive. It’s the leaked transcript of the conversation between President Trump and Prime...

It’s not nepotism it’s just a coincidence he’s my son-in-law says Trump

World breathes a collective sigh of relief as journalist who met Jared Kuschner claims “he should make you feel more comfortable”.

Virginia to ban books instead of burning them

Parents from the Virginia School District have called for an immediate ban on all novels that contain the n-word.  To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice...

Katie Hopkins unearths link between Lego and Autism

Katie Hopkins, lead reporter from the Daily Mail, claims she has discovered a link between children who use Lego and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Katie gloated...

Straya, Blue Skies and Fascists

As the Federal Government makes further progress towards a Fascist state, it’s been a busy day in Australian politics.

We demand the tooth!

Tory MP David Davies has demanded that the most recent group of refugee children, newly arrived in Britain, be taken straight to the dentist.  After...

Australian PM Turnbull Reaffirms his Compassionate Commitment to Offshore Detention

Last night’s Four Corners program on asylum seekers held on Nauru, elicited an angry response from the Nauruan government, who accused the ABC of racism.

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