The world has breathed a collective sigh of relief as journalist who met Jared Kuschner claims “he should make you feel more comfortable”.

According to Steven Bertoni, a journalist who once met Jared Kushner in person, we should all be feeling much more comfortable about this latest appointment to Trump’s growing list of rich bastards in his government.

Bertoni goes on to say that Kushner is really down to earth, as we would expect from a billionaire married to the President’s daughter. He’s an all round regular guy whose favourite hobbies include fine wines, dining out, purchasing real estate, buying media companies, flying on private jets and rewarding his minions with a smile and the occasional slap on the back.

Bertoni spoke to a bunch of people who are very relieved with Trump’s latest appointment because Kushner doesn’t use Twitter to insult people.

The fact that he’s a billionaire with a multitude of business interests and Trump’s son-in-law, will have no bearing on his role as Trump’s top adviser.