As the Federal Government makes further progress towards a Fascist state, it’s been a busy day in Australian politics.

Malcolm Roberts, One Nation Senator, has demanded that the Chief Scientist provide proof that humans cause climate change.

Immune to being celebrated as a tax-payer funded laughing stock, Senator Roberts announced in Parliament, “It’s a hoax, perpetuated by the NME, the Kellogg-Kraft Plan, Agenda 28 and that Zionist Sorearse. They’re all in it together.”

Then it was Christopher Pyne’s turn, admonishing the Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs, ordering her to “stay out of politics and stick with human rights.”

Lauren Pokes, the Rochdale Herald’s Australian correspondent, asked Minister Pyne to clarify his comment.

“It’s obvious isn’t it? She’s keeps poking her nose in, harassing the government about those bloody asylum seekers. Yawn and yawn, again, Lauren. B-o-r-i-n-g.

“But isn’t that part of her mandate as Commissioner for Human Rights?”

“No, of course it isn’t. She should be addressing real human rights issues like why aren’t women staying at home looking after their families. What about the rights of us hard working blokes?

Lauren then asked Communications Minister Mitch Fifield why he was launching an Inquiry into the ABC in respect to their damning Four Corners report on Nauru.

“Those cultural Marxists at the ABC need to be shut down once and for all. That program was one-sided and slanted, based on nothing but lies. We’ve already got plans to arrest those Commie traitors.”

Lauren pressed the Minister in respect to reports from an eminent psychiatrist, Save the Children employees, 238 doctors and several teachers, who concluded that treatment of asylum seekers on Nauru is an abuse of human rights.

“Come on, Lauren. They’re all lefty soft cocks, wanting to undermine the Government. Those greedy bastards on Nauru never had it so good. Ask Immigration Minister Dutton. He’ll tell you.”