The Australian senate has voted unanimously for it to become compulsory for controversial far right Senator Pauline Hanson to wear the Islamic burka when on parliamentary premises.

The unusual decision came after Hanson appeared in the senate dressed from head to foot in a black burka which completely obscured her body and face and made it all but impossible for other senators to hear anything she said.

“Frankly cobber it’s the first time since she was elected that we’ve been able to get a full day’s work done without being sidetracked by her constant racist and bigoted interjections,” senate spokesman Bruce O’Bruce told the Rochdale Herald’s down-under sister paper the Eladhcor Herald.

“And not having to see her ugly embittered face was a massive bonus…..Like a bulldog licking piss off a wasp, rimming a goat’s arse doesn’t even come close,” he gurned.

By unfortunate accident Hanson’s decision to continue wearing the burka while taking part in the debate and subsequent vote rendered her completely out of order, with the speaker ruling her own vote as inadmissible, meaning that the bill passed completely unopposed.

Former chip shop owner Hanson later complained that the decision proved conclusively the unwarranted discrimination faced by women wearing Islamic garb in Australia and vowed that she would fight tooth and nail to ensure they enjoyed the same rights as other Australian women just as soon as she’d finished fighting to have them all deported.

Speaking to the Eladhcor Herald former Tomorrow’s World presenter, and renowned science writer and broadcaster James Burke commented that he realised full well that he only appears in this report courtesy of the fact that his surname bears a passing punning resemblance to the word “burka”.

“Then again nothing I have to say on the subject of Islamic women’s clothing is any more irrelevant than the vile outpourings of that sour faced old bat Hanson and her one nation bigots,” he added.