Liam Fox, Secretary of State For International Trade, has followed up the success of his charm offensive with Duterte, the leader of the Philippines so in love with summary execution.

Speaking from the west of Mosul, a pleased looking Mr. Fox announced plans to exhume Saddam Hussein.

“I’ll be travelling to Tikrit this evening.” Mr. Fox announced, holding aloft a golden shovel.

“Once there I’m going to personally supervise the exhumation of the rightful leader of Iraq and quickly agree a free trade deal.”

The deal is expected to be complete in time to begin the very moment Britain exits the corrupt, anti-democratic, tyrannical EU.

“We’re going to make Britain great again. One trade deal with one tyrant each day. I can’t personally think of anyone dripping in enough blood for me to be adverse to shaking hands.”

Asked why he wished to discuss a trade deal with Mr. Hussein and not any of the living leaders of Iraq? Mr. Fox cryptically replied “Their scores aren’t high enough yet.”

It’s believed he is to also seek talks with representatives governing the west of Mosul while in Iraq.

“We’ve got to be quick on this one.” Mr. Fox said excitedly. “They may not be in a position to shake hands on it for much longer.”