Hate preacher Abu Hamza has been invited to a State Visit after Number 10 revealed that they are widening the scope of the unsavoury extremists that can benefit from such an honour.

Downing Street released a statement this morning;

“We have recently reviewed our criteria for State Visits and noted with interest that we have in the main, limited State Visits to either the Queen’s extended family or the leaders of oppressive regimes.

“However, by extending the invitation to Donald Trump we opened up the possibility of widening the net to include other right wing extremists.

“President Trump’s State Visit has riled many people and his Twitter spat with our Tess got us wondering if we should, in true British diplomatic fashion, balance the visit with representation from an opposing point of view and Abu fits the bill perfectly.”

UK hosted State Visits are great occasions where our Monarch is forced to shake hands all sorts of unsavoury people, though by the time they have cleared customs they have normally washed the blood off their hands. State Visits are normally accompanied by the UK Government of the time releasing plenty of statements claiming that they are not ignoring the issue of human rights whilst having their fingers stuck in their ears.

The planned State Visit by Donald Trump has caused several debates in Parliament and more are likely to follow after Trump forwarded Britain First videos via his Twitter account and told Theresa to mind her own business.

In response, Buckingham Palace released the following statement

“Her Majesty is understandably upset at the prospect of having to entertain Abu Hamza at a State Banquet, though somewhat surprisingly to Daily Mail readers, not as upset as she is as at the prospect of having to entertain the self-styled Pumpkin King of America.

“At least with Hamza we will save on the cutlery and the Queen is unlikely to have to ward off any ‘pussy-grab’ attempts.”