Trump asking his people to crack the nuclear codes in case he needs to...

‘I hope POTUS has his best people working on cracking the nuclear codes in case we go to war with that crazy man in Canada.’
Tony Montana

Tony Montana to become new White House communications director

Tony Montana is set to become White House communications director following the sacking of Anthony Scaramucci today. Mr Montana was last seen toting M16A1 guns and yelling, "Say hello to my little friends" before being...
Donald Trump

New tariffs ensure American guns used to shoot American children made from American metal

Donald Trump has just revealed that the reason behind the new Steel Import Tariffs is to mitigate concerns that the deadly and easily purchased Assault Rifles used in mass school shootings recently have just...

Americans forced to drink milkshakes through AR-15 assault rifles after plastic straw ban hits...

The unjust plastic straw ban threatens the American way of life, but citizens are finding an innovative way to beat the ban.   Consuming tens of thousands of calories a day is as American as a...

Donald Trump believes Nazi flags are adverts for fidget spinners

The President went on to suggest North Korea would be much safer if it followed the example of America and gave its citizens toys to play with and flags to wave like the patriots in Charlottesville yesterday.

Texas commemorates first mass shooting by giving students guns to take to school

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world's inaugural mass shooting event at the University of Austin in Texas law makers have passed a very special law to mark the occasion. On August 2nd 1966...

Halloween pumpkin mistaken for President Trump

The embarrassing incident occurred after Ivanka left the pumpkin in the Oval Office. A meeting of President Trump’s closest advisors failed to realise that it was a jack o’lantern in the chair, not the...

Herald Horrible Histories presents Pathetic Presidents

Episode 1 - Pathetic Presidents. The Terrible Trumps. Welcome to the News at When. When? The 21st century, when one of America's presidents was a 9-year-old boy, Donald Trump. With more details, here’s Michael Fish...

National holiday declared as USA goes 6 days without mass shooting

This is the closest to a full week that the US has gone without a mass shooting since 'The Great Week of Peace' in 1896. Although there have been 14,678 individual shootings and 32,789 multiple...

Secret Service distance themselves from Trump’s Twitter account

The Secret Service, the department responsible for the security of the US President, has taken steps to distance themselves from Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Virginia to ban books instead of burning them

Parents from the Virginia School District have called for an immediate ban on all novels that contain the n-word.  To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men and Huckleberry Finn have been targeted by angry...

Trump loses grip on reality, demands to be new Dr Who.

US President Donald Trump has called on the BBC to appoint him as the new Dr Who. In a series of tweets at 3am this morning the famously insomniac  US president announced that he would...
Trump Supporters

Trump recorded saying “Trump Supporters are fat, racist white trash”

‘Rumours that Donald Trump described his legions of supporters as "obese trailer park trash" and "uneducated fucking idiots" are yet to be confirmed.

Barack Obama to narrate Audible version of Fire and Fury

Barack Obama is to narrate the Audible version of US best-selling book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. It's alleged that Mr Obama beat off stiff competition from Bill Clinton to land the...

Election Was Rigged Claims Trump – Recount Demanded

Donald Trump has sensationally claimed that the 2016 US Presidential Election was rigged and he is demanding a recount.
White House

Playboy bunnies to be re-homed at The Whitehouse

After the sad passing of millionaire feminist Hugh (the Hef) Hefner the dilemma of what to do with the dozens of now ownerless and homeless Playboy Bunnies looks like it could be solved thanks...

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