Donald Trump has defended a decision to play 25 rounds of golf in Japan saying it’s in honour of the dead in Texas.

The gesture came as another mass shooting in America, took the number of mass shootings this year to 307 in 309 days. Many victims and their families were left wondering how the President would choose to insult them.

There have been suggestions that Trump misread a tweet that said, “Pray for Texas.” Trump took this to mean “Play for Texas”, and disappeared with his golf clubs.

A spokesman for the President said, “The President is over here on business. It’s purely a coincidence that Japan has so many top quality golf courses and products. The President will be very sombre as he plays a round of golf on the number one course in Osaka later on today.”

It’s alleged that Trump is privately thrilled that there have been so many mass shootings so far this year. He’s alleged to have said, “We’ve had so many shootings. It’s been huge. Did Obama ever have this many shootings? I really have the best shootings.”

Trump also allegedly told one aide, “Did you see Obama play this many rounds of golf after Pearl Harbour? No you did not. That’s why I’m the greatest President. Even after a mass shooting I can still shoot a 5 under par round.”

One survivor said, “It’s disappointing that he chose to do this. I was expecting him to personally visit me and insult me. He could have thrown me a blood stained bandage or something. Or, he could have said he preferred people who came back from church.”

It’s understood that Mr Trump may use the golf games as a time to reflect and come up with a way of insulting everybody involved in the shooting. One analyst speculated, “It’s difficult to come up with a broad way of insulting a large number of people to a great degree. In the past he’d have just come out and done it. Now he takes his time to consider his insult. This shows how Trump and his team have evolved.”

It’s alleged that Trump may try to insult the victims on Tuesday as he insults the entire population of Japan at the Hiroshima Peace Park.