President Donald Trump has rebuked allegations of inappropriate comments made by the grieving widow of a US soldier today by pointing out her husband didn’t stand for the national anthem.

Myeshia Johnson, widow of Sgt La David Johnson, criticised President Trump for forgetting her husband’s name during a memorial and suggesting he “knew what he signed up for.” The incident reportedly drove Mrs Johnson to tears, an allegation the President denies.

Receiving widespread anger over the comments Trump took to Twitter to bring attention to the fact the deceased sergeant did not stand for the national anthem.

The initial tweet read:

Losers think my comments were bad but Sgt Thingy refused to stand for national anthem. Shame.

and was followed shortly by another stating:

I stood for national anthem. He just laid there all dead in a box. Not standing. Disrespectful to flag. Sad.

Supporters of President Trump have defended his comments, going as far as to suggest that all dead soldiers are unpatriotic for representing Americans as the sort of people who die.

Others preferred to point out that a lot of white people have also been killed and injured during wars. Many more suggested that if soldiers were armed then they would better be able to defend themselves.

US Forces have since been asked to refrain from dying in combat as phoning to offer condolences is severely affecting the President’s golf handicap.