Madame Tussauds have declined to exhibit their new Trump wax work at the impending inauguration on Friday.

Simon Wick, a spokesman for Tussauds said;

“Its nothing to do with Trump’s politics, this particular waxwork is fragile, for some reason it starts to melt in the event of an opposing opinion! We just can’t explain it.”

This isn’t the first time a Tussauds wax work has ‘acted’ erratically. Famously their Hitler needed a hair trim every six months and no one knows why.

The new Trump waxwork is the first to require new materials and processes in Tussauds vast history.

Chief designer, Hillary Mold, said;

“We used a mixture of human and yak hair for that horrendous barnet. The complexion was pretty difficult. That’s mostly orange peel and urine.”