Ralph H. Ick, head of the Texas branch of the NRA made the shocking statement yesterday after seven children were slain and three were left in a critical condition after a school shooting that probably happened somewhere in America.

“Mass shootings are inevitable. They’re a fact of life.” He said. “If all the kids were armed this never would have happened.  It’s the responsibility of parents to make sure their children are packing enough heat.”

Latest statistics show that you’re more likely to get shot in the US than to lose your car keys. If you’re black, unarmed and innocent the likelihood increases significantly. 

We tried to contact Mr. Ick to clarify his comments but he was unfortunately killed in a mass shooting later in the day. His office released the following statement. 

“We’ve tried everything to prevent mass Shootings in America; making it easier and faster to buy a gun, making it legal to buy guns without a background check at a gun show, not allowing the federal government to keep an electronic database of gun owners, preventing the Government from investigating the causes of gun crime and allowing students to go to school armed. There’s literally nothing else we can try. Mass Shootings are just part of the American Dream.”